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Hi, I'm Dave Leasure, a former Los Angeles county deputy. 

When I went through the academy I received some of the best firearms training available. Years later I have trained at a number of private schools and military teams and have realized most of us have been trained wrong. Society has changed and firearms have changed, but training has not. 


Most of us were trained standing side by side shooting at a stationary target. We then transitioned to shooting at a turning target, again standing side by side all shooting at the same time. 

No wonder the term contagious fire became a battle cry of anti police groups. So I set out to develop a better way to train that not only improves shooting accuracy but combats contagious fire. I also wanted to have a price point that any department, no matter how small, could afford. 

At Tactical Target Training Systems (3ts) our new system is a complete training system that can train a complete novice up to a master competitive shooter. If long range shooting is something you need our system works out to 1000 yards. Perfect for any team because it is completely portable. It can be used on the range, a shoot house, in the woods or anywhere else you want to train. Our system works with one shooter up to 20 shooters at the same time. Our goal is to be affordable enough so that the smallest departments can afford our system. The following videos will demonstrate a few of the ways 3ts system can be used to train your team.  3TS in Action