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Is this your Tactical Training?

Stationary targets are NOT like a real tactical situation.  


Barrel Training is for horses

For your next incident, make sure you have barrels available for the suspect to put in place before hiding.  Shooting around barrels is NOT like a real tactical situation.


You NEED the Tactical Target Training System

The Tactical Target Training System (3ts) is the answer for true tactical training with random or programmed movement of good guys and bad guys.

The Tactical Target Training System

The Tactical Target Training System (3TS) is a totally new approach to shooting targets.  Our system incorporates target stands that contain up to  4 automated and static target holders instead of one.  Our targets are life size cutouts with a single support to appear much more lifelike.  This design allows us to challenge all shooters from beginner all the way to top competitive shooters.  Here are samples of how the system can be use to progressively challenge the shooter as skills advance. 

Level 1 - Starting Shooters


Basic use of the Tactical Target Training System is to set up one life size target.  This single target can be in a static position to learn sight picture and trigger control at several distances.

Level 2 - The Bad Guy


Once the shooter is comfortable with the basics, a second 'bad guy' target can be added.  The bad guy target can be added in a side to side moving holder.  This is to train the shooter in gun movement and trapping target shooting.

Level 3 - Hide and Seek


Now the shooter has the moving bad guy target skill, a mock wall can be added to the target system.  The bad guy can then  appear to the right or left of the mock wall. The mock wall can be replaced with a good guy teaching threat assessment.

Level 4 - Save the Hostage


Place a good guy target in a moving holder (the hostage) and a bad guy target in another moving holder (the hostage taker).  Both targets move independently.  To add to the challenge, place the mock wall or another good guy in a static position to have the moving targets peak out from the static object. 

Advanced Shooting Skills


To make it harder, place the hostage target in a stationary holder, a bad guy in a moving holder and an innocent target in a second moving target holder.  As the hostage taker moves side to side , a random passerby moves in and out of the line of fire.  This helps the shooter to  fight tunnel vision and realize what is down range in a shooting situation.

Group Training


3TS target stands link together creating a portable range for up to twenty shooters at one time.  Place mock wall targets in stationary holders, then good guys and bad guys in moving target holders.  By alternating good guys and bad guys in different holders, some shooter will have 'shoot' targets while others will have 'don't shoot' targets.  This skill combats contagious fire. 

The Tactical Target Training System includes a turning target that is perfect for training quick draw.  Most departments do not practice this skill, but the first one to a gun fight has more time for sight alignment and trigger Control.  Combine all this with limitless scenarios such as popping out from behind a doorway or appearing in a window. For ultimate sniper practice, stack up numerous stands behind and to the side of one another.  Place innocents in all the holders except one bad guy in back and start moving the targets.  The window for the shot is small and constantly moving much like in a mall or crowded gathering such as a church or in the yard at a correction facility.

2019 SHOT SHOW - January in Las Vegas.

Check out this video to hear the comments about Tactical Training Target Systems (3TS) 

See the difference

Check out this great video that shows the Tactical Target Training system in action.  In this video there is one 'good guy' and one 'bad guy' hiding behind the wall.  Shooters must evaluate when the real target is in view.  

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